Richard L. Place  


Motivated achiever with more than 12 years experiences in computer related disciplines. Experienced in all phases of life-cycle development including project planning, system requirements analysis, systems architecture planning, application development, and configuration management. Expert knowledge in multiple programming languages, operating systems, and hardware configurations. Customer service oriented and able to adapt quickly to changing technologies.


MantisTech, LLC

Ephrata, PA

2000 - Present
Independent consultant performing consulting services and contract programming in all areas of web design and development. Specializing in integrating multiple systems with different enterprise level needs. Primary focus is on Microsoft technologies including Windows NT/2000, IIS, ASP, SQL, ADO and Visual Basic.
Select recent projects
Mobile/Web Safety Toolkit:
Complete life cycle development of a hand held Windows CE 3.0 application ruining on Pocket PC devices with complimenting Web components. Major components include; mobile data collection application, infrared data transfer between hand held devices, TCP/IP uploading of mobile data utilizing Active Server Pages and COM components to an Oracle database, Web based industrial safety inspection creation, Web-Based scheduling tool, Web-Based user resources, Web-Based safety references, and Web-Based reporting
Unattended System Synchronization: Conception to implementation of an automatic two-application process, which determines weekly changes to thousands of web pages. First unattended program compares known remote pages with newly created, updated and deleted pages. Application creates a single compressed file with all directories and files needing to be synchronized. Second application, residing behind clients firewall, automatically obtains newly created file and installs them to clients Web application. E-mail verification of success or errors sent to all concerned parties. System insures remotely developed pages are updated in a timely and efficient fashion where the Web page developer does not have access to the clients system.
EDI Trouble Shooting and Systems Support: Rapid response in configuration and support of clients EDI systems. Provided quick turn around time on production systems, assuring minimal impact to customers. Installed and configured development, test and productions EDI systems. Integrated external pre/post EDI file processing programs with clients System. Provided education and training for both developers and users on clients EDI systems and infrastructure.
Sterling Commerce, Inc.

 Dublin, OH

 1999 - 2000
Managing Consultant    
Oversaw the day-to-day responsibilities of all consultants in the GENTRAN: WebSuite group. Worked with account executives and clients to resolve any scheduling conflicts, billing questions, and all other issues pertaining to consultants. Interviewed potential consulting candidates for both technical and interpersonal skills. Mentored new consultants.
Senior Electronic Commerce Consultant
Worked with Global 5000 companies, the U.S. Government and industry leaders to develop and implement Web Solutions utilizing GENTRAN NT Server and GENTRAN: WebSuite. Developed ActiveX components to run via web pages on remote systems. Developed new Active Server Pages (ASP) for customer web sites. Customized ASP pages generated by GENTRAN: WebSuite to fit the customer’s “look and feel” of their web site
Assessed clients current infrastructure and future needs prior to installing Sterling Commerce software products. Installed and configured GENTRAN NT Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MS IIS, and GENTRAN: Websuite. Provided both classroom style and one on one training to customers in various areas including; Internet protocols, connectivity and browser types, Visual Basic/ActiveX, security and encryption, EDI basics, web site functionality and integrating web based systems with business applications.
Skips Cutting, Inc.

New Holland, PA

1997 - 1999
Systems Analyst
  Managed a team of programmers responsible for all aspects of development, from conception to implementation, of manufacturing data collection systems.  Systems functioned on various platforms including Windows 95, Citrix WinFrame 1.7, and Windows NT. Functioned as point of contact between management, manufacturing, and end users.
  Produced Windows 32bit applications using Delphi 2.0/3.0 to function as a graphical user interface to a database residing on an IBM AS/400.  Created Windows applications to allow end users the ability to access, query, and manipulate information about location of materials, as well as the status of products.
  Responsible for the evaluation of software and hardware products to make informed purchase decisions with regards to thermal printers, portable DOS terminals, bar-coding, scanning and data collection equipment.
  Interviewed prospective employees for various IT positions such as programmer, programmer/analyst, help desk and computer operator
United Parcel Service

Livonia, MI

1989 - 1997
Customer Resource Group Supervisor
  Software engineer for the metro Detroit district.  Designed, developed, and implemented numerous custom software packages for internal and external customers using Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and C++.  Database programs provided revenue protection of existing customer base and enabled section to develop new revenue of over $3 Million in 1996.
  Headed up team responsible for integrating customer’s host manifest system to work with bar code requirements.  Developed EDI solution for electronic transmittal of daily manifest and billing information, eliminating four hours of daily report printing.
  Designed and implemented shipping cost comparison software; resulting in annual revenue shifts of $121,000 and $94,000 from competitors on first two implementations.
Operations Supervisor
  Supervised the unloading, sorting, loading, and tracking of packages throughout UPS facilities.  Monthly, weekly, and daily scheduling of workers.  Time card auditing and validation.  Experienced in union and management relations and negotiations.  Controlled bar code scanning equipment. Collection and transmittal of electronic tracking data. Troubleshooting and diagnostics of hand held portable DOS terminals.
United States Navy

Virginia Beach, VA.

1984 - 1988
Intelligence Specialist - Petty Officer 2nd Class
Oversaw the collection, analysis, dissemination, control and destruction of classified information.  Performed photo interpretation of aerial reconnaissance.  Generated and edited intelligence reports on both PC and mainframe systems.  Presented weekly and daily intelligence briefings.


University of Michigan - School of Engineering
 Bachelor of Science, Computer and Information Science
School Craft Community College
 Mechanical Engineering undergraduate studies

Company Sponsored Education

Visual Studio Developers Conference featuring .NET by Fawcette Technical Publications, GENTRAN: WebSuite consultant training by Sterling Commerce, GENTRAN EDI Essentials by Sterling Commerce, GENTRAN Communications and Operations by Sterling Commerce, ASP and XML by Application Developers Training Company, Programming in Delphi by Softbite international, Power Delphi by Softbite international, Bar-coding by American Management Association, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) by Saddle Institute, Warehousing, Logistics, Inventory Control, People Policies, Management by Commitment, Code of Conduct, Professionalism in the Work Place, Labor Relations, Valuing Diversity, Trust and Teamwork, Supervisor Leadership, Hazardous Materials all by United Parcel Service.


ASP, Visual Basic, ActiveX, Delphi, Object Pascal, C++, MS Access, SQL, XML, HTML, Oracle, FORTRAN, LISP, Pascal, Prolog, Smalltalk, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. Working knowledge of various IBM AS/400 skills, such as Work Query, DFU, PDM, and Client Access.  Basic knowledge of the UNIX environment with experience on SUN workstations. Use of project management software to estimate and manage projects.