MantisTech is owned and operated by Rich Place. Rich has a degree in Computer Science from The University of Michigan with over 10 years of experience with computers and computer related technologies.

Prior to starting MantisTech, Rich worked for Sterling Commerce as an Electronic Commerce Consultant. While at Sterling Rich worked with numerous Global 5000 companies, The U.S. Government and smaller businesses helping them integrate their existing business systems with state-of-the-art e-commerce systems and custom web solutions. Rich also spent several years at UPS where he worked with teams of Industrial Engineers to integrate computer systems, warehousing equipment, packaging, and shipping systems for major UPS customers in the automotive and other industries.

Rich has the technical knowledge to work for you directly on solutions as well as the experience and interpersonal skills to manage a project or team of programmers. All services provided by Rich and MantisTech are fashioned to meet your needs and help you successfully complete your project ­ on time.

View a summary of Rich’s work experience, or download a copy in MS Word format. 


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